In June of 2018, Jerry made a very personal professional change after almost 30 years.  As he evaluated what direction to pursue, one thought kept resonating with him – that this change is an opportunity for a fresh start.  It is the ability to create an organization and surround himself with people that share a common vision, a vision founded in service.  Throughout his career, he learned that putting others first is what provides the greatest satisfaction for him and ultimately leads to success which includes personal and professional satisfaction and the associated financial rewards for those he serves as well as him and his family. 

After deciding who we were being led to be, a name had to be selected.  While many firms chose a name based on the principals within the organization or a geographic area being covered, we wanted more.  We wanted to choose a name that was personal, that reflected both the journey we had traveled in addition to the journey we were embarking on.  The fresh start concept led us to pursue a company name which provided the meaning we were searching for.  Tabula Rasa is Latin for “fresh start” or “a slate which has been scraped clean and ready to be written on” - that is exactly where we are and what we were searching for. 

We know every family and circumstances are unique with personalities and financial complexities.  Our desire is to serve in a way which is customized and designed to provide each client with the confidence and peace of mind that they can accomplish their current and future goals.